At the end of the road…..

After a journey of more than 6500 miles around the edges and through the middle of the US we finally arrived at the end of the road – Key West Florida.  Actually, we are staying in Sugarloaf Key which is twenty miles from the end of the road.

We arrived here on Wednesday about two o’clock and had time to set up our campsite, get settled and then head out to Geiger Key and some entertainment – We had made some friends at Disney World and met up with them again here.  They, being far more experienced at visiting the Keys, have become our part tour guides part hosts.  Their friend plays music at this little backwater cafe/bar  and we ventured forth to partake in the local food and drink.

Geiger Key Entertainment - Yup, open mic night

Geiger Key Entertainment – Yup, open mic night

Thought that this slogan was somehow extremely appropriate of the attitude of the Keys:

The Backside of Paradise

The Backside of Paradise – look closely

I probably should mention that everything we have seen thus far down here is either a “fish camp” , a “marina”, an “RV park”, or a “resort” so take that for what it’s worth.  Dress is whatever you throw on, food is almost exclusively served in baskets with plastic forks and costs a fortune, and a lot of what is on the menu is all new to us from the Pacific Northwest.  Last night I had Hogfish – sounds pretty bad – looks worse in the flesh -but was actually delicious, moist, white fish very firm and sweet – OK – nuf of channeling some gourmet – basically I just like to eat.  Next stop I need to find conch – finally learned to pronounce it “konk” now need to eat it. But the highlight of the evening was the sunset and listening to music as the sun sets beats pretty much anything else we have done – great way to bring closure (yes, I hate that word but sometimes it works) to this trip.


Sunset off the dock – Yup, that’s a pelican

You put the lime in the coconut and drink it all down.....well you get it

You put the lime in the coconut and drink it all down…..well you get it

So, after a fun evening with friends, lots of laughter, good food and beautiful surroundings we headed back to Mobi and Lucy, who, as a matter of fact, loves this place because it has a place where she can swim in warm water and fat doggies float in the salt AND they have a rooster running around so she feels like home.

Lucy's pet rooster

Lucy’s pet rooster

We are, or were, going to get a good nights sleep and embark on exploration in the morning – but, well, actually, Lucy’s pet rooster decided to take up residence under Mobi and started off about 7 AM this morning – so much for the sleeping in part of the trip.  Somehow, this must be karma over the post on yesterdays blog – remind me to stay away from chicken/rooster issues hence forth.

Found out in the morning that chickens, roosters and cats are somewhat of an indigenous species in the Keys and we had better get used to it – so we shall. Today the plan was to explore and then join our friends and some of their friends and sail away on a 102 foot sail boat that they had chartered for a sunset sail.  OK – this sounds like fun!  It’s been warm and sunny and we had some beach time, pool time and now head into Key West Harbor  for our sail on the America 2.0 . Full bar (whatever) snacks and fun here we come.

America 2.0 just prior to our sail..

America 2.0 just prior to our sail..


As we prepared to board this magnificent boat the captain informed us that a “small squall” was headed our way and maybe the trip would have to be delayed about 30 minutes – and then the wind came up, the rain came down, those pretty blue skies turned ugly black and had these funny bright flashes in them – so hey, having been through this in New Orleans – we deferred till tomorrow night, ate a big dinner, had a big desert of key lime pie (hey, we ARE in Key West) and headed back for Mobi – more adventures tomorrow – we wish you fair winds and following seas – actually we wish US fair winds and following seas.

Life is good. Sailing tomorrow.

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