Someone tell that rooster it’s 4 AM!

Yup – he’s back, actually he and his friend are back. Apparently there are two roosters here – the one originally living under Moby and another who is blind – yup – blind – so question me this, how does he know when the sun comes up?  Answer – He doesn’t – just crows, and crows and well….you get it. Then, somehow, at 7 AM – almost on the dot – they (as in both) take off to wake up the rest of the camp – I’m thinking they know about time change or something – anyway, they are cute, if annoying, and we just have to deal with it, so we will. But with ear plugs. Never met a seeing eye chicken before.

Finally drug ourselves out of bed and got fixed up to head into Key West – this is the day for the sailing trip.  Still a little concerned as it was gray and breezy – weather report indicates that this will pass through.  Funny, they have the same saying down here – if you don’t like the weather just wait ten minutes and it will change.  OK – bring it on folks!  Friday must be a non-work day for highway workers – all construction has come to a halt and the roads are filled with bicycles, scooters, cars and other forms of transportation.  They rent  electric vehicles down here which are  cute, small, silent and I’m sure deadly -people tend to drive them like their big SUV’s – and that just isn’t going to work with the amount of cars on the road. Basically they are glorified golf carts but somehow they are being mistaken for rental Camaro’s. Fatality count has increased from 1 to 3 on the highway sign since we got here – pretty sure it’s bicycles and electric vehicles involved. And you kind of have to chuckle because the same people who at home, in Minnesota or Illinois or where ever, would have on bicycle helmets to ride or knee and elbow pads to skate are free, sans helmet, sans pads,  and daring their insurance companies to deny their claims in the future.  Amazing, truly. Same goes for the motorcycle riders – many of whom need to master the art of not driving off the road because you are looking at something.  We know, we have done that ourselves.

Which brings me to the subject of roadside memorials, something I have been wanting to mention in this blog for quite a while.  During our roaming’s we have seen many and varied types of these memorials from the standard cross with flowers to bumpers of cars with names and dates on it and even one very large cross covered with horse shoes – trying to tell me this person was lucky?  Seems to me that if you want to remember someone who died in a car or any type of vehicle accident, you would want to remember their life not the place of their death.  Just sayin’ and just my opinion.  I can hear someone out there telling me to continue on or close down – it’s onward and forward.

So now we are in Key West proper and wandering through the city.  It is much larger and cosmopolitan than I would have thought – having a predisposition to believe that Hemingway, a narrow windy piece of asphalt, some well dressed transsexuals and lots of bars both colorful and plain would make up this town.  But we finally found the older part which lived up (or maybe down) to my expectations and decided to lunch at The Hogs Breath Saloon – rather a dump of a place with great food and live music for lunch. Great little wall coverings too. SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA  SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAThe piano player and horn player did a fabulous blues/jazz set as we ate – and I got my Conch Fritters – which, in retrospect, are basically a corn fritter with a real tough, rubbery and fairly disgusting looking black something in it that must be the Conch (pronounced Konk because you want to do that to you head when you are done).  But at least I can say I ate one more food on the road. And remember, their motto is “Hogs Breath is better than no breath at all.”  OK – not sure what they mean but let’s go with that. One other important element of The Hogs Breath is that they have an internet bar camera      

If you click on the above link you get a live picture of the bar so, of course, people stand up, call their friends on their cell phone and then make fools of themselves in front of the camera – We know, because Bill did.  SYou wave, laugh, say “Can you see me now?’ and generally, well, look pretty foolish.  Good entertainment if you are bored.

Lunch being done we walk around some more, no – we don’t need no “genuine Cuban cigars” hand rolled right here in Key West – how does that work, what with making them genuine Cuban? No, we have all the three of ten buck T-shirts we can handle.  Same with incense, candle holders, pink flamingos, but we NEVER pass up a piece of key lime pie. It is just better down here.  But it’s time to head for the dock and our sailing trip about the America 2.0 – you know, the fabulous boat we are going on the sunset sail on with 16 of our closest friends.  Well……you must not have wished hard enough for us to have fair winds and following seas because the gusts are 35 knots and this trip is not happening tonight either.  Guess if God wanted us to sail he would have had us build our own ark or something.

Making the best of a windy situation we continue walking around and find the Coyote Ugly Bar which frankly offendSs me in so many ways I don’t think I can count them – but at 4 PM there are already ladies, and I’m using that term judiciously, dancing on the bar.  Please!

This would be my “not amused” face.SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

We touch the Southern Most Point in the continental US, visit Hemingway’s place, see the Southern White House and head back to camp.  All in a days work for us traveling types.  Nice dinner, some more great music but not sunset, laughs with our friends.  It’s all good.  One thing I forgot to mention, I think the damn rooster is following us – he showed up in Key West with his lady friend.  He was actually eye-balling my Key Lime Pie.  Be careful bird, be very, very careful.  I can be real mean if I want to be. SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

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