What we have learned

Any adventure has to be undertaken with a sense of fun but also knowing that there are certain things you will be exposed to and they, in turn, will provide you life lessons.  We have been “schooled” many times on this trip and would like to share a few of those lessons with you.

  1.  Direct TV in a motor home only works when it wants to and NEVER when you are in an area that has absolutely nothing else to do.
  2. Your cell phone will work beautifully until you really need it – then all bars will disappear as though they are ethereal mist.
  3. Long haul truck drivers are not your friend.  They exist to terrorize motor home’s in particular, having a jealous streak about our on-board bathroom,
  4. Cars, especially old Cadillac’s and anything with rust are also not your friend – they just hate everybody and you happen to be the biggest thing in their path.
  5. The more you need fuel the further away the next fuel stop will be – never, ever pass up the opportunity to buy gas.
  6. On the same topic, $4.89 cents per gallon is not really expensive if you need fuel.
  7. America needs to re-invent the roadside diner – Denny’s, Arbys, Micky D’s and Burger King do not meet up with the “On the Road” ambiance for “Mom’s” diner.
  8. Someone either very creative or very sick came up with the names “Whataburger” and “In-n-Out burger”.
  9. If you are in the middle of nowhere (literally) it is possible to make a gourmet meal out of a can of tuna fish, a box of rice and two withered zucchini.
  10. Your dog will have a sudden onslaught of paranoia ONLY when you are sailing down the road at 75 MPH and they decide that the floor directly under the drivers feet is exactly where it is safest for them to be.
  11. There is a difference between “Rest Stop” and “Rest Area” – one of them has a bathroom.
  12. Every single grocery store or drug store you encounter will require you to become a “member” to get their discounts – resulting in you having three pounds of “membership” cards -all for businesses not located where you live.
  13. State Patrol vehicles spend an ungodly amount of time camped out on the median of the road – don’t they know there is a crime wave out there?
  14. Every bolt that you think is tight should be checked because it probably isn’t.
  15. It is virtually impossible to find a Seahawk’s  football game anywhere but on the west coast.
  16. It’s true – Starbucks is everywhere – and they still make a mediocre cup of coffee.
  17. The people in Louisiana win, hands down, as the friendliest people we encountered.
  18. Most of the people vacationing in Florida are not happy people to begin with, and their trip to get to Florida only made them crankier
  19. If you have a choice of turning left or right – you will pick the wrong one.
  20. Always believe a “Dead End” sign.
  21. If you buy something at an RV store it will cost four times more than at a hardware store.
  22. Your credit card company, knowing that they have you under their thumb, will put a fraud alert on your card shutting it down for no particularly good reason at all.
  23. All that stuff we packed back in October, you know, the “essentials” – not so much did we need most of it.
  24. And most important, there is magic in virtually everything  – you only need to be open to see it.

So, now you know everything we know – which, frankly isn’t much. We will be back in the Pacific Northwest soon having enjoyed this time on the road and looking forward to further adventures in the not too distant future.

Life is Good.  Thank you for joining us on our trip

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4 Responses to What we have learned

  1. Cindy says:

    You’ve got the bones of a book here, and this should be the last chapter. First we need a few heading-home, hair-raising, stakes-are-up, will-they-make-it adventures, and then, after you get us to the ridge where you see the rainbow shining down on Whidbey, you can leave us with this off-the-road and on-your-rockers wisdom.

  2. Holly says:

    I totally agree with Cindy. I have really enjoyed your adventures and your wit. Maybe you can keep this going even when you get home. I think “Travels with Lucy” has a nice ring to it. Look forward to seeing you.

  3. RD Bowlin says:

    Enjoyed your visit so much ~ and the blog. Stan will be glad to know that the welds held. Hugs!

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